What Does a Spreadsheet Look Like

What Does a Spreadsheet Look Like ? a spreadsheet is a computer program that allows you to manipulate and perform complex calculations with numeric data stored in tables. It also allows you to automate tasks by using formulas and macros, and create graphs such as histograms, curves, pie charts, etc.

Therefore, a spreadsheet is a multipurpose tool that serves both office activities, which involves the organization of large amounts of data, as well as for strategic levels and decision making create a graphical representation of the synthesized information.
The main worksheets

The most important software companies have developed spreadsheets, which are usually included in the office packages they offer. (Microsoft Office), Sun StarOffice Calc (StarOffice), OpenCalc (OpenOffice), IBM / Lotus 1-2-3 (SmartSuite), Corel Quattro Pro (WordPerfect), KSpread (Koffice).

What Does a Spreadsheet Look Like

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